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Patel Extrusion Group is a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of Aluminium Collapsible Tubes.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the group operates nationally to meet the packaging needs of several important industries such as pharmaceuticals, food products, inks & paints, agrochemicals, cosmetics (including hair color products) toothpaste, adhesives and rubber solutions.

With a small beginning nearly more than 60 years back ,it has grown multifold with the present production capacity of 300 million tubes per annum.

A totally self-sufficient Group of Companies in the manufacture of aluminium collapsible tubes, undertaking all processes and activities starting from Product Development Assistance, Art Work Designing, to delivering of the customized product .

We are one of the few in this part of the world in this industry, with all the manufacturing and service capabilities under one roof.

We have had many achievements during our more than 60 years in this industry.

First among equals:

  • One of the few to start Ophthalmic tubes in the world.
  • To be certified for ISO 9000 Certification in India.
  • To introduce Class 100,000 Clean Room Facility in this industry.
  • To be allotted DMF number by US FDA for exporting to US Pharma Market.
  • To introduce Tamper Proof Ophthalmic Tubes in India.

The group is ably supplemented by its 500 highly motivated and technically proficient work force. and supervisory staff. Patel Extrusion Group has its own raw material and packaging processing units for captive consumption. The manufacturing facilities follow the best of GMP systems generally followed for aluminium collapsible tube manufacturing process with Class 100,000 Clean Room facility and ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


Patel Extrusion Group was born out of one man's dream and vision.

That man is Dr. Mohanbhai I. Patel, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary and social worker. Conceived in 1957 and nurtured since then by one man's vision and enterprise, the Group today is a major national enterprise measuring upto the most stringent international standards in technology, manufacturing,quality and customer service.

A former Sheriff of Mumbai, Dr.Patel is ably assisted by his two sons, Nayan and Kartik.

Although very much a family-owned enterprise, the group is professionally managed by highly qualified and experienced professional managers who are in charge of all the key functions from product development, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, and after sales services.

  • The Group is a totally self-sufficient organization involved in the manufacture of aluminium collapsible tubes, undertaking all processes and activities involved: designing, printing ,manufacturing caps,cartons/ partitions.
  • Perhaps one of the few companies in the world with all the manufacturing and service capabilities under one roof with annual capacity of over 300 million tubes.
  • PEG enjoys an international recognition of being the largest and most dependable supplier of aluminium collapsible tubes and related technologies in the world.
  • The key factors that have contributed to the phenomenal success of Patel Extrusion Group are technology, quality assurance and customer service.